A Look At The Book Of Esther

Esther is a woman with extra-ordinary kind of faith and courage. Not only that, she has developed an intimate relationship with God, no wonder why she receives first hand instructions from Him. Her intimacy with God taught her of a strategic way to success. THOUGH THERE IS NO TRACE OF GOD IN THE ENTIRE BOOK, it is very clear that it is the Holy Spirit who told her that she should fast for three days exactly for any other day than this would not bring her to her goal.

She also has an uncommon determined courage. She knew for a fact that the law can kill her if she presents herself to the king without being summoned. She has a great confidence. She knew that God is with her and dwelling in God’s presence can give her the courage required in the situation. God was pleased in the manifestations of her faith and rewarded her with positive outcomes. The thickness of the glory of God shines melting the heart of the King gradually; whatever Esther petitions found favor from the King.

This is what happens if we maintain ourselves in the presence of God. We will have the power and the character of God that shines in the hearts of those seeking comfort and justice. We will also have the courage even to the point of losing our life for God- because we know that if we do that God will save it, or find it in a better life. Truly, if God is with us, no one can go against us. Esther presents herself to a proud man but God allowed us to come to His presence, love and grace. She was not called, but we are. Though there is a law that prevents us from coming to the presence of God, God gave us an access without violating His nature.

We have an advocate, in the name of Jesus, to the Father, in whom the Father is well pleased. If we are just to maintain in His presence we will surely become prosperous and successful.

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