It is interesting to know that when Jesus is asked about the Greatest Commandment, He gave a very simple answer that everyone can understand and relate himself with. That very answer is rooted to the noun ?LOVE?. But, how do we really show it and to whom should we express it? The greatest commandment Jesus taught us answers that question.

Jesus said, ?Love the Lord your God with all your heart, body and soul?. This is the greatest command we should look forward of doing. This kind of love involves the affection of our heart whereby God is so valued and esteemed that we consider ourselves nothing if even by a second we will be departed from Him. This love must be a dominating love, inspired and reciprocated by the kind of love God has for us. This love involves trust that is enough for us to think that everything will still be fine in spite of the circumstance we are going through. And most of all, this love involves full submission and obedience ? a personal attachment of allegiance and loyalty to him to do everything he has commanded us and to hate everything that the bible calls sin.

Jesus also said, ?Love others as yourself?. It is very impossible to neglect this law if we are only practicing the former because loving God who is unseen unlocks the doors for us to love others. However, in our practice of love for other people, we must never compromise the supremacy of our love for God and the righteous standards of his Word. 

These two sum up the Greatest Commandments Jesus taught us. Note that what is common is LOVE. We could never have another god before the Lord and revere Him with the highest form of affection because we love Him. The same reason is our driving force in showing our respect and compassion for others. ?Therefore, Love is the fulfillment of the laws?*.
*Romans 13:10

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