For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, 
Line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.?

Isaiah 28:10, NKJV

One day, I questioned myself if still the message of salvation would be conveyed to us if for some reasons some or most parts of the Bible are destroyed, not kept or not transferred through generations. The answer to this question did not just come out immediately and it was until I began to read it systematically that I came to meet the answer ? and the answer to my question is YES! This is due to the technology of the Bible that was so advance than any other book ever written in the history. And the Bible would simply retain this title as it is until eternity.

Allow me to just explain that further, the Bible, which has 66 sub-books, authored by 40 authors carries with it a very integrated message. But as we can see there is no particular chapter on eschatology, baptism, rapture, salvation, etc. The messages are distributed in the entire book. The most profound topics are even presented even in the beginning but highlighted in the subsequent books through cross-references for us not to stumble over it in our first encounter. An example of which is the atonement for the fall of Adam and Eve, that is replacement of their clothes of leaves by skins of animals ? this meant nothing to me until I came to read Leviticus which tells us that it is by shedding of the blood of an innocent sacrifice that our sins would be covered and not by our own deeds.

Here a little about something and there a little about something. It is as if it were expecting a possibility of hostile jamming of those who are opposing to it. That even if they tear pages in Genesis or burn a particular book the message of the love of God would still and clearly be conveyed to you and to me. And may this information be useful to you. Do not be frustrated if you come across a verse or a chapter where the message looks so obscure to you. I suggest that you get a pen and a paper, write the particular verse, the date and your query. Then thank God for once again He can reveal Himself to you in a very extraordinary manner. I don?t say that the answer would come instantly; neither do I say that it is impossible also, but just trust the agency of the Holy Spirit and let Him do the tutoring for you. And you would be surprised that He will also use the power of His words to explain to you everything that now you will forget how dark it was the first time you saw it.

As for me, that is my formula. I just trust the author of the superbook called the Bible to explain to me everything that I need to know. And praise God, it appears effective to me; surely, also to you. 

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